Ford Escort RSR Cosworth 1992

227bhp/6250 310Nm/3500
232km/h (with wing)

378bhp/7000 441Nm/4500

The Ford Escort RS Cosworth is a sports derivative and the 1st 2500 were rally homologation special of the fifth generation European Ford Escort.
It was designed to qualify as a Group A car for the World Rally Championship, in which it competed between 1993 and 1998.

It was available as a road car from 1992–96 in very limited numbers ,the smaller turbo cars were not F.I.A recognised and only the first 2500 cars made before 1st of Jan 1993 are in fact ‘Homologation special versions” It was instantly recognisable due to its large “whale tail” rear spoiler.

The main selling point was the Cosworth YBT engine, a highly tunable turbocharged 2-litre engine[1][2] which had an output of 230 PS (169 kW; 227 hp) in standard trim. Tuning companies have achieved power outputs of over 1,000 hp.[3] The car was widely acknowledged to have excellent handling.

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March 10, 2020


Original is by Markos Kass /edited by ATS