1963 was the first year of the mid year C2 Corvettes, as the 1963 through 1967 models were known. The styling that shook the world in 1963 had proved itself everywhere, including critical praise and a sales volume that would not quit. Every model year saw a sales increase through 1966; Things cooled down for 1967 in part because it was known that a new body style would be introduced in 1968.

360-hp V8’s: 2.20:1 first; 1.64:1 second; 1.31:1 third; 1:1 fourth; and 2.26:1 reverse. Both 3- and 4-Speed Synchro-Mesh have a 10″ semi-centrifugal diaphragm spring clutch with a lighter aluminum 360-degree clutch housing and floor-mounted shift. 4-Speed transmissions also have a mechanism on the shift lever to prevent unintentional reverse engagement. The automatic Powerglide transmission, available with two engines, aims to give effortless driving.

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