Ford Falcon ED XR (4in1) – Patreon Download

1994 Ford Falcon ED XR6 and XR8

The Ford ED model receives a bunch of cosmetic updates over the previous EB models. Updates include the ‘twin headlight’ front with new colour coded front lip spoiler, colour coded rear bumper bottom lip and colour coded door handles, new rear garnish badging, clear front indicators and updated ‘grey’ plastic door / bumper molds.

Ford Falcon ED XR (4in1)

Includes 4 models:
– XR6
– XR8
– XR8 Sprint
XR6 Tuned

ED XR (4in1) v1.1 Updates:

Updates on XR6, XR8 and XR6 Tuned

– New standalone model included ‘XR8 Sprint’
– Almost complete cars reworked

Content manager / Custom Shader Patch features:
– Working wipers
– Blinkers / dash indicators

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Country: Australia 

Brand: Ford

Year: 1994

Drive: RWD

Variants included: 4

Credits: Mod by RJE (assettomods.com)

Last Updated: Feb 19, 2022