The VN BT1 has had a bunch of updates and a tuned LS version added.

v1 Updates:
– Some small physics tweaks
– Interior textures / shaders updated
– Headlight texture updated
– Window texture / shader updated
– Tires changed with a higher profile tire
– Number plate added

Might be a couple other small things updated that I have missed in list above.

Mod includes 2 versions:
– Standard 165kw
– Tuned LS 360kw

Tuned version has had the exhaust removed, VZ R8 (Vauxhall VXR) wheels added, VN GrpA bonnet scoop added and a 360kw tuned LS engine with 3.9 diff ratio.

Car Download Available to Patreon Members ONLY… Public release TBA.

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Last Updated
OCT 21, 2020

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