Hyundai Genesis Coupe GT4

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe was developed in 2008 to replace the Tiburon sports car that had been in service since 1996. When designing this new generation of sports coupe, the engineers at Hyundai opted for a rear-wheel drive layout as opposed to the front-wheel drive layout used in the Tiburon for some added sportiness. The result was a car that was targeted more towards base-level Mustangs and Nissan Z-cars, and one that could hold its own against such competitors.

One of the biggest advantages of the rear-drive layout is additional prowess on the track. The car is now more than capable of holding its own in various racing series, and has become a popular choice for budget-conscious teams.

Several iterations of the Genesis have been used as platforms for Formula Drift, Pikes Peaks, Time Attack and more. With tuning from Racing, the Genesis has won several class titles during its various attempts in the USTCC. The Genesis has even been used in the lower touring car categories of the Pirelli World Challenge.

The incarnation of the Genesis seen here is a specially-tuned version designed for homologation with FIA GT4 regs. The GT4 version uses the 3.8 Track Edition of the 2013 Hyundai Genesis as a base, and features dozens of changes to prep the car for international racing. It has been fitted with a full FIA-compliant roll cage, center-locking rims for fast pit stops, a front splitter, a large positionable rear wing, engine modifications to the 3.8 Litre V6 and slick Dunlop rubber for improved cornering.


Tune by MisterWaffles, Original Mod Author Unknown. Special thanks to Fanapryde, Beezer215, Masscot, GIBBONS and the rest of the GTPlanet modding community for the help testing, honing, providing feedback and enjoying this project.

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May 28, 2020


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