Porsche 911 rsr 3.0 SVRA Group 6 1973

This version of the 911 RSR is a modern day SVRA class legal group 6 race car. This is a back dated 911 with an engine built to 1974 3.0L RSR specs with, 330 bhp @ 8000 rpm. equipped with a Type 911/74 engine featuring high-lift camshafts, Weber 46 IDA carbs and, twin plug ignition and, racing exhaust. Type 915/08 manual gearbox/rear transaxle, fully adjustable four-wheel independent suspension with coil-over shock absorbers and adjustable anti-sway bars, and modern vintage racing tires.

Wtih only 55 original 73 911 RSR’s ever made, backdating a later 911 is very popular in todays vintage racing leagues.

Group 6 consists mainly of large displacement sports cars and sedans that represent the ‘Golden Age’ of club racing in the USA.
These cars were the main stay of the SCCA A&B Production and A Sedan classes and the over 2 liter Trans-Am series.

Cars are expected to be prepared to the SCCA standards that were in effect at the end of the eligibility period (1972) or earlier.
Similar models prepared to the FIA or other regulations may be included and are classified accordingly.

Group 6 classes generally follow the SCCA classes of 1972, with some adjustments for cars that were either not recognized by the SCCA or have specifications that significantly change their relative performance.

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May 26, 2019


By Underground motorsports development / edited by Mac Ten