VL BT1 Turbo (2in1) v1.0 – Patreon Only

Mod includes two versions (stock and tuned), both are 6 cylinder turbo. Tuned version includes exhaust, bigger intercooler, 4.11 diff ratio, Simmons wheels and pumps out 335kw. Tuned car will run in the 11 second 1/4 mile range but is not setup for drags. A drag version and also V8 versions of the VL are planned as future releases. 🙂

Stock = 150kw Turbo 6
Tuned = 335kw Turbo 6

Car Download Available to Patreon Members ONLY… Public release TBA.

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Last Updated
Nov 12, 2020

Mod by RJE (assettomods.com)

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