High powered 800hp turbo V8 tuned VN Clubsport.

– 800hp Turbo V8
– Street / Semislick / SuperGrip Semislick tyres
– Harrop front brake calipers
– 6 speed gearbox
– Pioneer stereo unit with working GPS navigation screen
– VY GTS 20 inch wheels
– Rear wing removed

AC Content Manager / CSP Features:
– working wipers
– blinkers
– hazard lights
– reverse lights
– number plate lights
– working GPS navigation stereo screen

Car Download Available to Patreon Members ONLY.

Thanks again for being supporters of the mods I create, it’s much appreciated and helps me to spend more time bringing Aussie mods to Assetto, download is available to all Tier levels on Patreon.

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Last Updated
Aug 06, 2021

Mod by RJE (assettomods.com)