**Group A Pack Updates v1.5 – 16th September 2020

This round of updates is very extensive, having gone through each car making several changes / updates. The cars now run very close to the real specs of each car with some BOP being done on the Rover and Supra so they can keep up with the other cars.

I may have missed a few things in the list below;

All Cars:
– LOD’s created for each car (still require further work / object minimising)
– Physics updated to closer reflect the real cars weight / power
– Aero changed on all cars
– Aero now NON-ADJUSTABLE in setup
– Tire names now ‘GrpA 80s’ in setup
– Gear ratios updated on some cars
– Many textures and shaders have been updated on all cars
– Paint shader updated on all cars
– Windscreen textures updated on many of the cars
– Auto gearbox should now work
– Max fuel level adjusted in some cars to match the other cars 120L
– Mirrors fixed on Mustang, Rover and Jag
– Some gauges updated and calibrated on some cars
– Interior textures fixed / updated on some cars
– Rover: Now has working gauges
– Nissan Dr30: Exhaust smaller
– Nissan Dr30: Sound changed
– Nissan Dr30: Dash fixed

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Mod Author = RJE
Models = Turn 10 / Forza, Gamemodels.ru, Various
Skins = by RJE, dj_hans, Dav1n46, BennoC
Physics = by RJE

Mod Version
Last Updated
Set 18, 2020

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