UPDATED 09/09/2020: LOD’s added

Based on official Brutes specs | 24 skins included | Competitive AI

The V8 Ute Racing Series, known originally as the V8 Brute Utes was an Australian motor racing series for utilities, derived from the Australian Production Car Championship. It was conceived in 2000 by PROCAR chief Ross Palmer, V8 Ute Patron Ian McAlister and V8 Ute owner Craig Denyer and launched March 2001, as V8 Brute Utes, at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide. The series was instantly popular, in part because of aggressive driving style of competitors.

Mod Details

Mod is loosely based on the official V8 Brute specifications and is well detailed. Both the Ford and Holden models have been modified to closer reflect the racing utes including single race seats, removing excess interior items and running the same rims and tires. Physics have been rebuilt with many kilometres of testing performed, capable of running very close to the real lap times. 10 X skins / liveries have been created and are included in the mod.

This is version 1.3 of the V8 Brutes mod and I’m sure there will be some updates along the way. If you find any issues or would like to leave feedback, please comment below.

Notes from testing:
– Very close to real lap times
– Low grip slick tires giving similar grip too the real V8 Brutes
– Take it easy on cold tires on the first lap
– Handful to drive and a heap of fun
– Very controllable with the right foot
– AI races are extremely close & challenging on 100% difficulty / 100% aggression
Mod Version
V1.3 (LOD’s added)
Last Updated
Sept 09, 2020

Model Source = Turn10/Forza
Original conversion = unknown
ADC version / rebuilt and converted to V8 Brutes by RJE
Skins = 1st release skins by RJE, 2nd release skins by YodaMein